Staff Directory

I took over as General Manager at 91.1 FM in July of 2015. Previously, I served as News and Public Affairs Director at WMSV. I'm a graduate of Mississippi State University and a lifelong Mississippian. My goal is to make sure our station is highly effective every day in providing MSU, Starkville and the Golden Triangle with the best mix of music, news and info on local events.

On the weekends, you can catch me at Davis Wade Stadium doing the public address announcing for Mississippi State football or on the SEC Network+ broadcasting MSU softball and soccer. When I'm not working, I enjoy worshipping and serving at Grace Presbyterian Church in Starkville and hanging out with my wife Tracy and dog Beasley.

If you have any questions about our station or are interested in becoming one of our supporters, contact me at 662-325-8481 or Follow me on twitter @cravenmsu. Hail State!

DJs & On-air Schedule

Brock Obama, Brick-man, Dwayne "The Brock" Johnson; he is known by many names. Some say he's the tallest man in the world. Others ask if he plays basketball. He does not. He is Brock St. Clair: radio personality and computer nerd extraordinaire. He is not named after the first gym leader from Pokémon, but he is passionate about entertainment and broadcasting, and is actively searching for ways to pursue a career in the field. Thus, he is thrilled to be a part of the WMSV family.

Jackson Ledford hails from Picayune, Mississippi where he previously worked at a local station in his home town as a DJ. Currently a sophmore, Jackson is studying Computer Science where he hopes to one day assist law enforcemetnt in computer crimes. He is a huge sports fan and an avid chess player. A Fun fact about Jackson is that he hates tomatoes.

Fred Griffin is a senior communications major at Mississippi State University and is an ambassador for the Men of Excellence. In the future, Fred plans to either attend law school or to fulfill his dream of working in the field of public relations or marketing for a sports branding company. You can hear Fred live on the air on Monday nights from 8 to 12am.

John-Michael (Jim) Sebastian is an accounting student at Mississippi State University from Carriere, Mississippi. He began working at WMSV in the spring of 2014

Kory Willis is currently a DJ from 10 to midnight on WMSV. He is a huge fan of sports and videogames. The competition and drama of it is what makes him most excited about them.

Staff Positions

Emily Belle Damm is a junior Communication major working towards an emphasis in public relations and broadcasting with a minor in Mathematics. She started working at WMSV as a DJ the summer before her freshman year. Since then, Emily has transitioned to news production. She now creates local news stories for Observations From MSU. Emily also worked as a student worker at the MSU Television Center for two years where she collaborated with clients to generate video ideas, assisted with interviews and shooting video, and edited together final videos for clients. Her public relations experience includes being an active member in Public Relations Association of Mississippi and Public Relations Student Society of America. Emily's proudest accomplishment is revitalizing MSU's Circle K International, a leadership and service organization. She serves as MSU Chapter President and as Lieutenant Governor for the Louisiana, Mississippi, West Tennessee District.
Through her work with Circle K International, she was selected as one of five representatives from the US to attend a Kiwanis European Youth Leadership Camp in the Czech Republic. Emily also studied in Limerick, Ireland. After graduating from MSU, she plans to pursue a graduate degree in public relations and a career in public relations.

Casey is the Information Technology Coordinator for WMSV

Madelyn Lukens is a senior industrial engineering major at State. She realized late in her college career that she would like to pursue a career in the music industry. Despite this revelation, she continues to work toward an engineering degree while gaining volunteer and part-time work experience in music- related businesses. Madelyn is a volunteer for WMSV. She adds music to the stations database weekly, and hopes to be as active as possible with the station for her remaining three semesters at State.