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I took over as General Manager at 91.1 FM in July of 2015. Previously, I served as News and Public Affairs Director at WMSV. I'm a graduate of Mississippi State University and a lifelong Mississippian. My goal is to make sure our station is highly effective every day in providing MSU, Starkville and the Golden Triangle with the best mix of music, news and info on local events.

On the weekends, you can catch me at Davis Wade Stadium doing the public address announcing for Mississippi State football or on the SEC Network+ broadcasting MSU softball and soccer. When I'm not working, I enjoy worshipping and serving at Grace Presbyterian Church in Starkville and hanging out with my family.

If you have any questions about our station or are interested in becoming one of our supporters, contact me at 662-325-8481 or Follow me on twitter @cravenmsu. Hail State!

DJs & On-air Schedule

Brock Obama, Brick-man, Dwayne "The Brock" Johnson; he is known by many names. Some say he's the tallest man in the world. Others ask if he plays basketball. He does not. He is Brock St. Clair: radio personality and computer nerd extraordinaire. He is not named after the first gym leader from Pokémon, but he is passionate about entertainment and broadcasting, and is actively searching for ways to pursue a career in the field. Thus, he is thrilled to be a part of the WMSV family.

Jackson Ledford hails from Picayune, Mississippi but now is entering his third year at State to pursue a degree in Computer Science. He is an active member of the University Christian Student Center and loves his job at WMSV where he dabbles in a little of everything. Fun Facts about Jackson : he hates tomatoes, loves sports, and his favoritie color is blue.

Michael Garlotte is a Junior Computer Science Major here at Mississippi State University. This is his first semester at WMSV and he'll be live, on-air, seeking the validation of his peers!

"From the depths of Mauna Loa he arose. Fully grown and clad in obscure band t-shirts and Chuck Taylors. The legends said this day would come: it was the day Blake Stacy would come from the primordial volcanic ash of Hawaii and travel far across the seas. His mission, simple: bring a velvety bass to the airwaves of 91.1 WMSV. And so, on a raft made of palm leaves and tortoise shells, he braved his way to Mississippi State University and now occupies the 8pm to 10pm shift - spreading love and aloha through your FM transponder. ***DISCLAIMER*** Blake was actually born in Corinth, Mississippi and graduated from Biggersville High School. He is currently a senior at MSU studying Civil Engineering. He has been involved with WMSV since freshman year and lives a pretty normal life, but does hold tightly to his Hawaiian heritage."

Staff Positions

Meghan Wolf is a Junior Communication Major at Mississippi State. She is a graduate of Starkville High School in Starkville Mississippi. This is her second semester working as the Public Affairs Coordinator for WMSV, and she is happy to be back for another great semester!

Howdy folks! I'm Courtney O'Brien and I'm in charge of the news for WMSV's Observations from MSU! I'm from Vancleave, Mississippi, a graduate of MGCCC, a dog mom, a writer for the Starkville Daily News and the MSU Reflector, and a senior Communications major at MSU. I hope to graduate in May, pursue a Master's in English, teach at a community college and be poor for the rest of my life. Some things to know about me are: I'm everyone's favorite coworker at WMSV, I'm addicted to Starbucks, I'm a horrible dancer, despite over ten years of classes; also, I'm fabulous! Catch me on local news, deejaying, and on the weekend countdown!

Colin McCawley is a senior at Mississippi State studying Communications. He is a graduate of Chapin High School in Chapin, South Carolina. Colin works as our Business news associate for Observations from MSU as well as social media liason. Colin also works for WOBV channel 5 TV Station at Starkville UMC. Colin loves hunting and fishing. Colin also loves to eat and drink. Listen for him weekdays on Observations from MSU